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French immersion homestay


Passionate about pedagogy, it is with great pleasure that I offer you a personalized program. Learn or improve your French through intensive courses on site or online.

Total immersion during your private stay

Improve your French during your stay adapted to your level and expectations and fully immerse yourself in the language with your teacher in France.

Take French lessons online

Whether you want to learn French, maintain your level, or stay motivated, I offer regular weekly online sessions throughout the year.

Discover the surroundings

Located in the heart of a village ideally positioned between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, come and recharge your batteries between the beaches of the Côte de Jade and the banks of the Loire.

Heading west of France

Come and learn French and have a pleasant stay in a natural setting, between beaches and historic sites, between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, between the Loire and the ocean.

Nantes is the historic capital of the Duchy of Brittany, a city of history, culture and heritage of diverse and varied wealth. Located on its outskirts, the village of Vue enjoys a very pleasant natural setting. It is the quintessential little French village.

Vue is equidistant from the two flagship cities of my region: Nantes and Saint-Nazaire, as well as the beaches and the banks of the Loire. This will allow us to take different excursions while enjoying different landscapes.

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