What if it was the spelling’s fault after all?

Or why it is absolutely necessary to put things into perspective and to play it down in order to get out of it… A few weeks ago, it was “Ke Bi” who asked us: “Do you have an explanation for the pronunciation of the letter x ( s ) in dix-sept and ( z ) in dix-neuf?  “

A picture is worth a thousand words and we will let Arnaud Hoedt and Jérôme Piron, linguists by training, answer this question in a hilarious way. 

A small glimpse, in pictures, of the incongruities of our beloved language, in this humorous conference with high added value on certain historical, linguistic and phonological aspects of the evolution of the French language…

For your information, in 2016, they wrote and directed the show “La Convivialité”, at the Théâtre National de Bruxelles. This conference show that deals with the question of the dogmatic relationship to spelling has been touring the French-speaking world for three years. In the aftermath, they published the book “La faute de l’orthographe”, published by Textuel. They define themselves as follows: “Dilet(t)ante linguists. Pedagogues in their robes. Try to correct the past participle. Write stuff. True-False Comedians. Eaters of academics”.

To the question “is it said? “Arnaud and Jérôme invariably answer “yes, you just did”.